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We regularly carry out customer satisfaction surveys among our clients. Here is a selection of the responses:

Corporate social responsibility

At Everest Export, we strongly believe that a healthy environment and a clean interior environment can go very well together. Ever since our founding in 1999, we have been focusing on our corporate social responsibility (CSR). Everest Export ensures that its work is 100% ecologically and socially responsible.

We do not make any use of child labour in the manufacturing of our products. The oils used for the floor mops and hand mops are environmentally friendly and are reused. We also purify our wastewater in our own water purification system.

Everest Export, industrial hygiene that cares about people, animals and the environment.

“Our Easy Clean dust mops are always replaced and cleaned in good time. This ensures that the cleaning result is always universally high.”

“The products, service and pricing of Everest are excellent.”

“Our Easy Clean dirt-trapper mats with logo retain dirt and moisture much better than did those of our previous supplier. You notice it in the rest of the building. It stays clean for much longer.”

“We once had a competition: the Easy Clean dust mop against our floor sweeping machine. The dust mop was much faster and the result was considerably better.”

“I am always delighted at how the floor shines when I have swept it with the Easy Clean dust mop.”

“I am now keen to give our customers a guided tour.”

“You know, it is so easy. A quick wipe of the hand duster over the shelves and they are clean.”

“It’s great that you don’t have to mess about with water.”

“It gives you a good feeling that it is environmentally friendly.”


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