Clean & Recycle service



Clean & Recycle service

Everest Export takes care of the cleaning and reuse of used mops. In this process, our main focus is on taking care of the environment. For example, the cleaning fluid used in our process is impregnation fluid, which is recovered during the cleaning. The wastewater released during the washing is purified in our own water purification system.

The Easy Clean mops and floor mats give you clean floors without the use of water or solvents and without producing any wastewater!

Everest Export, industrial hygiene that cares about people, animals and the environment.

Our service

With our very own transport and shipping service, you are always assured of sufficient stock. We collect your used floor mops, hand mops and floor mats and replace them by clean ones. Upon request, we also deliver refills and other supplies. You can rely on Everest Export for clean floors or hand mops, hand towels, filled soap dispensers, sufficient toilet paper and fresh and clean washrooms.

Everest Export, partner in industrial hygiene, service-oriented supplier of floor mops, service corporate hygiene, reused floor mops


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Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm