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Easy Clean synthetic mops

The synthetic mop is used for dusting lightly to normally soiled surfaces and is extremely suitable for the (open) food industry. As the mop is impregnated with a biodegradable soap, it gives off a fresh scent. Perhaps more importantly, the soap is not harmful to the environment.

The synthetic mop is available in different mop widths: floor mops of 105 cm and 65 cm. A 50 cm hand mop variant and a mini hand mop with a mop width of 15 cm are also available.

The sustainable life cycle of our Easy Clean mops

Below you can read how the use and cleaning cycle of our Easy Clean synthatic mops is sustainable. Read how it works.

1. Washing

Like its little brother the cotton mop, the synthetic mop also needs to be washed several times first so that the fibres open up better. Then the soap can adhere better.

2. Shaking

For returned, used mops, the frame is always removed first and the mops are thoroughly shaken in the special shaker machine. This way, the coarsest dirt is already removed from the mop.

3. Washing and impregnation

The soap mop is washed and then impregnated. The synthetic mop is impregnated with a soap that is biodegradable and therefore environmentally friendly.

4. Packaging

After impregnation, the mops are re-fitted with the metal frame and then packed in recycled plastic film. Once the mops go on transport to the customer, they are packed in cardboard boxes.

5. Transport

Transport to the customer takes place in two different ways:
– Using our own transport:
We drive directly to the customer and change the products on-site. This saves transportation costs in cases where the customer has also rented other products, such as floor mats.

– Through parcel services:
We send our products by a parcel service outside a radius of 150 km. They usually deliver to our customers anyway, which saves unnecessary trips and reduces CO2 emissions.

When delivered by a parcel service, the mops are packed in cardboard boxes. The boxes are used for sending clean mops to the customer but also for returning used mops back to our laundry.

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