We consider sustainability a matter of course

Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability has been high on our list of priorities for many years. It’s importance has only increased in the past few years. Today, it even plays a role in important business decisions. We have to take responsibility as a company when it comes to preserving the environment and combating climate change. The energy transition has already been set in motion because we want to take the lead in this matter and won’t wait for targets to be imposed by the government.

Recycling plays a very important role in our businesses processes. We pay close attention to cleaning our mops and floor mats in the most eco-friendly way. Specifically, before cleaning the mops, they enter a special machine that shakes off more than 50% of the dirt. This leads to less dirt ending up in the wastewater during the cleaning process.

Also, during the process of impregnating the oil mops, oil is collected, filtered and reused. The clean mops are wrapped in recycled plastic foil and the cardboard boxes for transport are (re)-used as often as possible. This happens for both shipping to the customer as well as packages returning to Everest Export.

The energy used for our cleaning process is retrieved from the solar panels on our building. Furthermore, we strive for a lifespan of at least five years on all of our products. In terms of administration, we aim to use a minimum of paper. Invoices, product information and other documents are mostly sent digitally. The paperless office plays an important role here.

Furthermore, we try to plan the distribution of our products as efficiently as possible. We deliver the products ourselves when this is within a radius of 150 km. Customers based outside of this radius receive their products via courier services. These services often deliver to our customers anyhow, which allows us to reduce CO2 emissions and offer a sustainable solution.

We are constantly asking ourselves how we can take further steps in terms of sustainability. It is an important aspect of our company’s move towards a climate-neutral approach.