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A sweeper/scrubber-drier needs maintenance. The machine has to be filled with detergent, cleaned after use, and finally recharged. In addition, the floors must always be cleaned with a broom before using the machine. Our Floor Mop, however, will always be ready for use and immediately absorbs the (fine) dust and dirt. Additionally, the Easy Clean Floor Mop can reach spots that a machine cannot: under shelves, in difficult corners, or behind and between the protective strips of the shelves.

Our floor mats are only available for rent because of the washing process. The floor mats are washed and dried in our own laundry. This washing process requires special machines to maintain the quality of the floor mats. Without the washing process, the floor mat loses its effectiveness over time, as it becomes saturated. For this reason, it is not possible to buy the mats.

Our mops can only be rented because of the impregnation process. The mops are washed and (re-)impregnated in our own laundry. Without this impregnation, the mops lose their function. It is therefore not possible to buy the mops.

Our account managers are keen to visit you to estimate which mops are most suitable for your organisation, either the oil-impregnated or the soap-impregnated option. In addition, the account manager can directly answer any questions you may have about the mops and the rental process.

If you are interested in our mops, you will first start with a paid trial period. This paid period is not a contract but a service agreement of 3 months. During these 3 months, you are free to change the number of products or end the service.

The mops are impregnated to absorb (fine) dust, which means that they must be washed and (re-)impregnated in our own laundry. Without this impregnation, the mop loses its function. Therefore, it is not possible to wash the mops yourself.

Our account managers always visit your organisation first, to determine which mops (oil or soap impregnated) and sizes are most suitable and which quantities are needed for the best result. The ideal number of mops depend on the surface area, but also the degree of soiling of your location. Our prices are graduated. Therefore, we first require some key details before we can provide you with a suitable quotation.

The standard colours of our mops are red or green. However, the mops are also available in blue or yellow. It is always possible to discuss a specific colour. Based on the quantities, we will make sure that you get the mops in your desired colour.

The mops are mostly used in industrial halls, production halls, warehouses, gyms, etc. Unfortunately, the mops are not available for private use.

Our account manager always discusses with you in advance which frequency of renewal is most suitable for the location in which your floor mat is going to be used. Most floor mats are changed once a month. Of course, it is possible to change the mats more often during the winter period, for example once every two weeks from October to March. The frequency of change per period is specifically stated in your contract.

The logo mat is only available in the HTN version.

The HTN mat is available in different standard colours. The available standard colours can be found at ***. If you would prefer another colour than our standard choices, we can have the HTN mat produced in the colour of choice.

The cotton mat is available in a variety of colours. You can find the available colours on *** .

The cotton mat is particularly suitable for areas that go from the outside to the inside. The cotton mat is a high-quality floor mat that is ultra-absorbent from moisture and dirt.

The HTN mat is ideally suited for areas that run from the inside, for example from the door of your production hall to the offices. The HTN mat is a high-quality floor mat that is particularly effective in combating dry dirt. This mat is less suitable for absorbing moisture.

Generally speaking, the Easy Clean Mop is suitable for any room. We advise using soap-impregnated mops in areas where food products are openly processed. Both the oil-impregnated mop and the soap impregnated mop are not harmful to the environment.

The Easy Clean Mops are ideally suited for cleaning smooth floors. If the floor is damaged in certain places, for example by holes, the floor mop may not work optimally. However, our account manager will be pleased to visit the company to see the situation, to advise you about our products.

Our Easy Clean Mops are designed to absorb (fine) dust and coarse dirt particles. Thanks to the special impregnation technique, (fine) dust and coarse dirt particles are absorbed effortlessly. The mops should not be used in combination with water or other liquids. Water (or other liquids) in combination with the impregnation solution will make your floors very slippery, which can cause dangerous situations.

You are causing (fine) dust to gather and settle behind the sweeping brush when using a broom for sweeping. Therefore, with a broom, you actually move the (fine) dust around instead of actually sweeping it together. The Easy Clean Mop, however, is able to effortlessly absorb (fine) dust and coarse dirt particles, thanks to our special impregnation technique. As a result, dust cannot swirl up anymore. By using our mops, your floor and other surfaces are not only clean visually but also in reality.

You can send your Easy Clean Mops back once a month for cleaning. We advise you to change your mops regularly so that they retain their quality and absorbent qualities.

The frequency of renewal of the Easy Clean Floor Mats is negotiable. It is possible to change the mats once a week, once every two weeks, once a month, once every two months or once every three months. The frequency of renewal will be determined in the rental agreement. We will determine the best renewal frequency together, depending on the degree of contamination of the surface in which the floor mat is placed. It is also possible to determine the changing frequency per season. For example, you can choose to have the mats changed once a month in the summer, while in the winter they are changed once every two weeks.