A clean workplace at low cost? That is what Everest Export is all about!

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Discover the wonderful products of Everest Export.

We offer a wide range of products to make and keep your company clean and hygienic. You can contact us for floor and hand mops, floor mats, floor and sanitary hygiene products, and services in the field of pest control.

Discover the wonderful products of Everest Export:

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A cleaner company with dust-free and safer floors? Dust is in the past with our Easy Clean mops. Your company becomes cleaner, safer and eliminates all allergies to dust. Our mops are impregnated through a unique process which makes the dust stick more firmly to the mops without using water. For this reason, the dust is absorbed better and not able to swirl around as it does when using a traditional broom.

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Everest Export and sustainability.

Sustainability became part of our DNA a long time ago. For us, it is obvious to make all our operational processes as sustainable as we can. We strive to reuse all products and raw materials for as long as possible and to use green energy as much as possible. Additionally, we analyse all business units to see if improvements can be made in the area of sustainability. Therefore, our entire business model is designed and based on sustainability.

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