The specialist in industrial hygiene since 1998

The history of Everest Export

The founder of Everest Export is Henk Witteman. A successful business starts with him. Henk started renting out workwear, floor mats, mops and toilet group services for companies. Everest Export was born. Henk collected the mops himself and replaced them with clean ones in the early years. He did everything with his family car during this time, but soon realised that a company van would be more appropriate. By doing this, Henk was able to handle the increased volume of mops. Henk focused on Germany from the very beginning, where the demand for these products appeared to be high.

First employee

The first employee followed soon after this. Help was needed for both administration tasks as well as on-site services.  Additionally, Henk also set up a second company: cleaning company SBW. SBW soon flourished. The company already had 70 employees after two years and was soon seen as an interesting company to take over. SBW was sold and the focus was back on Everest Export. Explosive growth was experienced in 2010 for Everest Export, and a small team of five employees was working incredibly hard to keep up with the increasing demand.

Own laundry

The team expanded with a number of people who brought knowledge, experience and ambition to the company in 2013. Growth continued and the company premises became too small and a larger building was needed. A memorable step was taken in 2015, when Everest Export starts doing its own laundry. It turned out the be a smart strategic move that allowed Everest Export to sail its own course entirely. The future was now open for the development of products and services. Germany had been the primary market until then, but now other European countries also started coming into the picture. Currently, we are represented in 12 countries.

New building

Doing its own laundry turned out the be a golden move as Everest Export was able to continue growing, not only in terms of operations but also in the workforce. The team was able to expand and radiates success. Once again, the company premises became too small and Everest Export moved to premises with more office, production, and storage areas.

Since 2018, all mops and floor mats have only been cleaned and impregnated exclusively by Everest Export itself. Currently, 20 employees are full-time working on our future. We have a very close and motivated team that works very hard, but simultaneously has a lot of fun.

Everyone is very well attuned to each other within the team, a lot of knowledge and experience is shared, but above all, there is unbridled ambition.

Hygos Group

On May 1, 2021, Everest Export joined the Hygos Group: a consortium of companies that all contribute to each other. Unique advantages can be achieved through synergy and mutual cross-fertilisation. All units of the Hygos Group stand for quality, customer focus, passion and commitment. Their vision is both results- and people-oriented. Within this group, Everest Export reaches its full potential and can face the future even more successfully.

After joining the Hygos Group, Henk Witteman stepped down as director. Linn Staps has taken over all tasks of Henk. Linn has been employed by Everest Export since 2014 and took over the position of General Manager since then.