Easy Clean Logo Mats (HTN)

High Twist Nylon floor mats with your own look, logo or 3D image.

  • All the advantages of a ‘normal’ HTN mat.
  • Completely in line with your corporate style.
  • UV resistant/ colourfast.
  • Alternative sizes on request.

Logo mats with your own brand or message.

The Easy Clean Logo Mat can be delivered with the logo of your company, making it a perfect match with your corporate identity. It is even possible to add a message or warning to the mat. The possibilities are endless. This product is of high quality and is washed professionally. Of course, the hygiene of your workplace is guaranteed.

The replacement frequency of the mats can be determined in mutual agreement. This depends on the level of pollution in the location in which the floor mat is installed. If desired, the frequency of replacement can even be adjusted per season. For example, in the summer once a month and in the winter once every two weeks.

The logo mats are available in the sizes 90 x 120 cm, 85 x 150 cm, 120 x 180 cm, 110 x 200 cm and 150 x 250 cm.

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