We work with a unique rental concept for the business market

This brings many advantages

We are particularly proud of our unique rental concept at Everest Export, which allows our customers to rent almost all of our products.

The great benefit of this rental concept is that the customer always has their products on-site and clean products are always available. All mops receive an individual quality check before shipment, which guarantees product quality. This offers great flexibility with optimal cost efficiency.

Everest Export offers a complete range of products and services in the field of industrial hygiene, floor mats, sanitary hygiene, and pest control. All of our Easy Clean mops, floor mats, and sanitary hygiene dispensers can only be rented. The refills for the sanitary hygiene dispensers are the only products for sale.

Why this concept is interesting for our customers? The convenience! We can take care of several things so you do not have to worry about them. The cleaning, repair, return, recycling, and transport of all the products you rent will be taken care of by us. To ensure that you always have sufficient products in stock, we have developed a special transport and delivery system that arranges everything for you.

Our easy-to-use rental concept guarantees consistently high quality. We regularly conduct quality checks to make sure that you only receive products of impeccable quality.  Our concept helps reducing your purchasing costs because our account managers advise our customers optimally. As a result, your requirements are perfectly matched and ‘over-ordering’ rarely occurs. In addition, our products provide the optimum efficiency in cleaning, which not only saves you costs but also time.

Both the Easy Clean mops and the floor mats are washed in our own laundry. The mops are also impregnated within the company. All products are sent back to the customer after the cleaning and impregnation process. Therefore, our products are continuously being reused, which, in turn, benefits our environment.

Our mop’s secret resides in the impregnation solution with mineral oil or soap, which is why it is essential that the cleaning and impregnation process of all mops is done in our own laundry. Optimal functionality and quality can only be guaranteed when this is done, which is why we only rent our mops and do not sell them. We, at Everest Export, have all the necessary equipment to clean them optimally and thus guarantee the desired quality and results.