We simply apply our standards and values

Our mission is corporate social responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility is something we value highly. This translates into many matters that we face every day and also plays an important role in our business decisions for the future.

Once every few years, we choose a charity that we support together with our employees and customers. We can proudly announce that in 2018, together with our customers, we donated € 20,500 to the “Ocean Cleanup” for cleaner oceans all over the world.

Moreover, we support charities in our immediate environment. For example, we sponsor regional transport for the disabled and regional amateur sports. And last but not least, we supply free products to the regional food bank.

It is highly important for us that all products we work with have been produced responsibly. For this reason, we strongly condemn child or forced labour and  pay close attention in purchasing our products and materials. When it comes to selecting our business partners, we choose companies that share our thoughts on this issue.

We mentioned earlier that sustainability is a very important factor in our company. You can read about all our activities related to this topic on our page “Everest and sustainability”.